The project Way to the Hague (рус.: «Путь в Гаагу») has its origins in a Telegram chat group created in August 2020 as an initiative of members of Belarusian diaspora and Belarusian political activists. This project has since grown into an independent venture and now employs a group of volunteers, as well as staff members of Justice for Belarus, a non-governmental, non-profit organisation created to support this project and other initiatives of the kind. Most of the project members are based in the Netherlands, due to the project’s specifics. On an advisory basis, among its participants are also prominent members of the Belarusian opposition, as well as citizens of the European Union.

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We are working together with the lawyers of the Hague office of the international consulting firm Global Rights Compliance (GRC), who are providing advisory services and litigation support in human rights and international humanitarian law. Their expertise in supervising the Ukraine case in the ICC is invaluable to us.

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